Sunscreen Formulations


Cream-Type Sunscreens

Cream-type sunscreens feel great on dry skin. The high oil content not only increases the moistness of the product when applied, but also helps retain moisture in the skin. If you want to take care of UV rays and dry skin at the same time, you should definitely consider a cream-type sunscreen.

oil-in-water emulsions

Emulsion-Type Sunscreens

The standard sunscreen format is the two-layer, water-in-oil emulsion. Depending on the product, it may also be described as a “lotion.” This is the most popular format for sunscreen since it goes on smoothly, does not feel sticky, and is resistant to water.


Gel-Type Sunscreens

The water-based gel format is becoming more and more popular because of its lightweight feel. Gels are a great choice for oily skin; they contain more water than heavier hydrating ingredients, which give them a fresher feel, never thick, sticky, or greasy.

Mists and sprays

Spray-Type Sunscreens

Mist and spray-type sunscreens are easy to apply with a single spray. However, it is recommended to use these as a supplement rather than a main product because the application will inevitably be uneven. Use it on your back and scalp and other areas where regular sunscreen is difficult to apply, or for reapplication during the day.

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