Best Japanese Sunscreens for Shopping and Chores

For daily activities such as household chores and short shopping trips, you want a sunscreen that is gentle on the skin and can be easily removed so that you don’t increase the strain on your skin every time you apply it.

The general rule of thumb is to use a product that says “removable with soap,” “removable with body wash,” or “no special cleansing required” on the package. The gel type, which is generally more water-based, tends to be easier to remove than the water-and-oil emulsion type.

Dr. Ci:Labo UV & WHITE Enrich-Lift

Dr. Ci:Labo UV & WHITE Enrich-Lift

Ignore the strange name, this is a fantastic daily-use sunscreen for shopping and chores, especially for people with dry skin. In terms of usability, the product is so thick and heavy that it should probably be classified as a cream-type sunscreen, even though it comes packaged in a 40 g squeeze bottle.

The pink color naturally corrects and brightens your skin tone. Full of moisturizers, it feels great on dry skin. And because it improves the condition of the skin and is easily removed, it works perfectly as a makeup base.

ALLIE Extra UV Highlight Gel

ALLIE Extra UV Highlight Gel

Most gels rub off easily, but the amazing anti-friction properties of this ALLIE Extra UV Highlight Gel keep it from rubbing off onto towels and clothing. However, with just a little soap and water, it comes right off, without emulsifying on your skin. Its lack of water resistance rules it out for the beach and pool, but this ALLIE gel is an excellent everyday sunscreen for shopping and chores. With a richer, heavier, milkier texture than most gels, this product is especially recommended for those with dry skin.

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